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PlayVS Academy

After extensive research and interviewing dozens of coaches, we're excited to launch an educational hub to arm new coaches with the skills and knowledge required to bring esports to high schools anywhere in the country.

Get Your Knowledge Up

Our four courses cover coaching fundamentals, game specifics for each title we offer, player growth, and program growth. We're always adding more courses and resources for esports coaches and their programs, so check back every few months for more resources.

Coaching Fundamentals

This audio/video series lays down the fundamentals required to become the best esports coach possible. It features scripted audio and testimonials from PlayVS Super Coaches — Matt James from Washington D.C. and Justin Tolbert from Alabama — based on their experience coaching with PlayVS.

Coaching Esports

Each game title has its own nuances and meta strategies. So, we got content creators who specialize in each of the titles we offer on our platform to help us give new coaches a solid foothold towards understanding each one.

Student Management

From match days, to growth plans, to non-player roles, our coaches and experts from around the country dish out insights, experiences, and truth about how to best serve the players in your program.

Growing Your Program

From raising funds to connecting with other coaches, we cover the next steps required to take your esports program from functional to the envy of all others.

Benefits of Certification

The goal of PlayVS Academy is to help people go from zero to esports coach as quickly as possible. Our resources come from the experiences and insights of former educators, coaches and esports professionals, as well as interviews with dozens of coaches around the country. Your Level 1 certification is proof of your ability to coach an esports team on PlayVS — the leading esports platform in the country.

Start your Coach Certification today with PlayVS Academy