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PlayVs Announces Partnership with Tennesee Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association and Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association

Esports platform partners with the TIAAA and the TACA to offer organized esports programs for students at Tennessee schools, providing access to premier game titles and college scholarship opportunities

Sep 01, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA — September 1, 2022 — PlayVS, (pronounced Play Versus), the leading amateur esports platform and operator of official state high school leagues across the United States and Canada, today announced Tennessee as the newest addition to its roster of partnered states. This partnership helps PlayVS further its mission to bring esports to high schools nationwide, while having Tennessee join one of the fastest growing school-based activities in the nation. 

For the first time, PlayVS is teaming up with the TIAAA and TACA to recognize esports as an offering for the state’s high schools. This partnership reaches students who may otherwise have no outlet for their passions in traditional sports or extracurriculars. Introducing esports into school provides a safe, supervised space to compete while coaches instill critical teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

“We’ve seen PlayVS’ esports programs bring communities together in states across the country, and we’re honored to be working with both TIAAA and TACA to do the same in Tennessee” said Alinn Louv, Head of Strategic Partnerships at PlayVS. “Not only does esports provide a productive extracurricular outlet and valuable scholarship opportunities, but it gives students a sense of belonging and a reason to get excited about school. We’re really excited to see Tennessee’s inaugural season take shape and look forward to all that the future holds.”

 "The TIAAA is looking forward to our new partnership with PlayVS, as we seek to create awareness about more participation for students in the state of Tennessee,” said Mike Ellson, TIAAA Executive Director. “Esports will provide a platform for students to be able to participate in a non-traditional sports setting, and we are excited about connecting schools in Tennessee and from across the nation in a venue that is fun, challenging, and rewarding for everyone involved. We are also pleased to be working with the Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association in this endeavor." 

"I am thrilled that the TIAAA was able to partner to help bring Esports to schools in our state in a more established way through PlayVS,” said Kelly Fish, Director of Athletics, Currey Ingram Academy. “Providing Esports through educational based athletic programs allows students to learn healthy gaming habits and connect with caring coaches. I was able to witness this firsthand when we started our school's program several years ago and am excited for more schools in the state to add this program and more athletic administrators to have confidence in using a platform that we have confidence in and that can create statewide competition and championships!" 

“The Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association is excited about the opportunity to team with Play VS, establishing a venue for more high school students in a non-traditional setting,” said Russ Plummer, Assistant Executive Director, TACA. “TACA is proud to partner with TIAAA in supporting our members in this endeavor.” 

Schools in Tennessee will be able to compete starting this Fall across all titles available on the PlayVS platform. The Fall season kicks off September 26th, with championships happening in December. 

The cost to participate per season is $80 for each player or less when schools activate a larger team. This cost provides students with access to the full games and for some of the titles, PlayVS provides students with a full suite of unlocked, in-game content. PlayVS has also given away more than $6,000 in hardware to schools across the state, and most  schools already have the required computer equipment in existing labs or libraries, making esports a simple, low-cost/high-benefit program to get off the ground. Schools can register their teams for this upcoming fall season by signing up at

About PlayVS

PlayVS (pronounced Play Versus) is the leading high school esports platform in North America. We are the single community where players come together to compete, fans gather to spectate, and coaches manage their programs. The company is the official high school esports partner to the NFHS Network, the Special Olympics, 23 state associations, Activision Blizzard, 2K Games, and Nintendo.