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Clifton High School Knows What's Important in Esports

Why one coach keeps choosing PlayVS

Ed Dutcher
Sep 16, 2022

Video games have always been important to Super Coach Robert Marmorstein, so he was ready from the word “Go!” to start an esports program at Clifton High School, New Jersey. Thanks to his leadership, Marmorstein’s teams have competed in (and won) PlayVS Eastern Regional League Championships as early as Spring 2020.

Marmorstein coaches a wide range of games, and accommodating all types of players is one of his program’s specialties. The lifelong gamer teaches in a region that is as demographically diverse as it is brimming with options for high school esports platforms, so finding one that fit his school’s needs was a serious consideration.

After weighing his options, Marmorstein decided that PlayVS was the only viable option for his school’s esports program. Watch the video below to see why this Super Coach has been coming back to the platform season after season: